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Why Give to Missions?

Why give to missions?  Missionaries do not need your money.  If they are doing God's work, God will provide for them -- for there are no limits to His resources!

There's absolutely no reason to feel guilty.  You don't have to give to God's work among the poor and deprived of the world. So go ahead, indulge yourself! Get that luxury car that turns your neighbors' heads.  Buy into that yuppie upper-crust neighborhood.  Save up to send your kids to Harvard, so you can casually mention  to your friends and relatives (not boasting, mind you!)  Pile up money for a leisurely retirement filled with carefree fun and games. After all, it's your money, you earned it, and you deserve it (or do you?)

But if you do  indulge yourself, the only one deprived is YOU.  The one who is impoverished is YOU.  The Lord says to you:  You have said, 'I am rich and have need of nothing', but you do not realize that you are poor, wretched, blind, and naked. (Revelation 3:17).

How can this be?  Here is a parable which explains the matter:

A man had two daughters.  The older daughter, who was beautiful and talented, received many gifts and prizes from friends and admirers.  But the younger daughter,  who was shy and backward, had nothing.

The younger daughter, seeing her sister's toys and games, asked  to share.  But the elder refused violently.  "What if she gets them dirty, or breaks them? Besides, they're MINE."

The man heart was torn to see his younger daughter so sad.  He could encourage the elder to share, but he couldn't force her. So instead, he spent most of his time with the younger daughter.  He talked and played with her, taught her everything he knew,  and became her closest friend.

The older daughter saw this and became peevish.  "Dad, why are you always spending time with her, and never with me?", she complained.

The father replied, "I'm sorry, I thought you were busy with your toys."

"I was, but I want you too.  Come and play with my toys with me."

"I'd like to, dear, but I don't want to leave out your sister.  Could she play too?"

"No way, Dad!  Not with MY toys!"

The Father said, "Then I'm sorry,  I' ll have to stay with  your younger sister.  At least you have your toys but if I leave her and play with you, she will have nothing."

Do you want to know God intimately?  Do you want to walk with Him, and enjoy His presence on a continual basis?  Then SHARE YOUR TOYS for Christ's sake!!!  For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was  rich , yet for your sakes he became  poor , that through His poverty you might become  rich .(2 Corinthians 8:9)

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