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Loud Praise

…Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth: make a  loud  noise, and rejoice, and sing  praise. (Psalm 98:4)

“Christian rock” fans like this verse.  I wonder if they really understand what it means.

Which sounds louder to God:  a worship band in a stadium cranked up to 100 decibels? Or ten people huddled in a small room in China, singing hymns in whispered voices so their neighbors won’t report them to the police?

This week I have been attending a Christian youth conference, which featured contemporary Christian worship music. Of course, the youth think, “the louder the better”.   After one  worship session, the worship leader told the assembly:  “That was beautiful singing”.  Maybe he could hear our singing, because the amplifiers were facing the “audience” (I use this word intentionally).  But I could’t even hear myself singing, let alone those around me. The sound blasting off the stage stuffed my words back down my throat.

Just once,  I wish we could hear worship as God hears it.  I wish we could listen to what God listens to.  I wish that worship leaders would try to create this kind of sound for us – or better, enable us to create this kind of sound for ourselves.

Prayer:  Lord, may our praise be loud in Your ears, not just in ours.

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