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Response to a Hindu

I came across the following posting on the Themestream “Bible Study” topical discussion board.  The author compares the Bible to the Bhagavad Gita, which is one of the most revered of the Hindu holy books.

“Just as the Bible is the gospel of the Christian Community, so is the Bhagavad Gita of the Hindu.. There are some very pithy sayings which apply to our times today. While the Western peoples treat life as a  game of profit & loss, Indians are taught to do your duty & leave the fruits to God. In the Gita there is a  scene on the battlefield, where the strong & brave Arjun suddenly feels that it is futile to fight & kill  your own kith &kin , just to win a battle. It is then that the Lord Krishna, who is Arjun's charioteer, consoles him & says not to lose heart. ‘Do your duty & fight. It is a war of good versus evil. Besides the soul never dies, it is the body which drops at the given time.  So why are you  hesitating, Arjun? Fight & do your best. Leave the result in the hands of God.’
Signed:  Gooloo Mehta”
Here is my response:

Dear Gooloo,

The Bible is remarkable, not for what it tells us to do, but for what it reveals to us about God.  God created us in His (spiritual) image; and God desires that all people will come to understand and relate to Him with increasing depth and intimacy.

It is true that Western peoples treat life as a game of profit and loss.  However, this Western way of thinking is not Biblical.  The Bible very clearly indicates that the key to your identity and the reason for existence lies in your relationship with God, not in your successes or failures.  In many ways, Eastern peoples are better equipped to understand the Bible than Western people are. The West's technological successes has turned its focus away from the spiritual world, and towards the material world and the so-called "good life".

There are many points of contact between Hinduism and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Jesus is guru, and even more; Jesus is avatar, and even more.  He is the Creator and Master of the Universe.   He is the very Word of the Supreme One whom Hindus call Brahman, and whom Christians call God the Father. In His words and actions, Jesus fully expresses the nature and intentions of God. And while Jesus is as high as the heavens, through His Holy Spirit He is also as close as my heart.  He is my Lord and absolute Master, and at the same time He is my dearest brother and friend. Being both Son of God and Son of Man, Jesus is the bridge between God and man.

Jesus identified totally with sinful man.  He took all of the bad karma of the world onto Himself, by dying on the Cross for our sins.  He releases us from bondage to sin and death here and now, in this current life.  By surrendering our lives to Him we die to our sinful selves,  and He sends His Holy Spirit into our hearts to burn  within us like a living flame which guides us, empowers us, and gives us new life.  The  Holy Spirit opens our hearts to the intimate, personal revelation that  we are the children of God.  The transcendent God becomes my Father, and I walk with Him always as Jesus did. I may run to God, embrace Him, converse with Him, ask Him, complain to Him, depend on Him, and love Him just as I do my own earthly father. And in return God cherishes me, teaches me, helps me, and showers love upon me as His own son.

God’s invitation through Jesus is much greater than, "Do your best and leave the result in the hands of God".  Instead, it is:  "God did His best FOR you by sending His Son to die for you.  Allow God to do His best IN you by making Jesus your Lord and Savior, and opening Your heart to His Holy Spirit ".

May God lead you in your desire to please Him and serve Him.  May He open our eyes and hearts to an ever-increasing understanding of Him and knowledge of the Truth.

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